Commercial Laser Cutting: Fibre Lasers vs. Gas Lasers

In commercial laser cutting, there are two main technologies: fibre laser and CO2 laser. Highlighted is a brief comparison of the performance of both technologies on several fronts. 1. Energy Efficiency Using fibre lasers for commercial laser cutting is far more energy efficient compared to CO2 lasers. A fibre laser will use 3–5 times less energy compared to a CO2 laser in the same application. This is because delivery by laser optic cable significantly reduces any unnecessary power losses. [Read More]

Benefits of Using Wooden Pallets for Long-Term Emergency Preps

If you have an emergency preparedness plan that involves long-term food storage and supplies, then you likely have a storage shed or trailer for your items. If you are adding an increasing amount of supplies to your stockpile, then you may be looking for ways to store the items easily. One of the options is to use wooden pallets. If you haven't considered wooden pallets for your long-term storage and stacked emergency prep storage, here are some benefits to consider. [Read More]

Follow These Simple Steps to Flush Your Hydraulic System

People generally think about flushing their hydraulic systems when they are thinking about changing from one type of oil to another. The aim of flushing the system is to remove the old oil and clean the entire chamber so that bits of it doesn't mix with or contaminate the new oil. Some of the DIY solutions that people come up with include the use of diesel fuel, acid cleaning, and brake cleaner. [Read More]

How to Save on Costs During Water Tank Installation

The importance of having a water tank on your property cannot be overemphasized. It is the best path towards increasing your water independence and cutting down on regular water bills. Round water tanks no longer come in one single size that make them space consuming and cumbersome to move around. Indeed, newer water tanks can be placed in many different parts of your property, whether in an urban or rural setting. [Read More]