Benefits of Using Wooden Pallets for Long-Term Emergency Preps

If you have an emergency preparedness plan that involves long-term food storage and supplies, then you likely have a storage shed or trailer for your items. If you are adding an increasing amount of supplies to your stockpile, then you may be looking for ways to store the items easily. One of the options is to use wooden pallets. If you haven't considered wooden pallets for your long-term storage and stacked emergency prep storage, here are some benefits to consider.

Follow These Simple Steps to Flush Your Hydraulic System

People generally think about flushing their hydraulic systems when they are thinking about changing from one type of oil to another. The aim of flushing the system is to remove the old oil and clean the entire chamber so that bits of it doesn't mix with or contaminate the new oil. Some of the DIY solutions that people come up with include the use of diesel fuel, acid cleaning, and brake cleaner.

How to Save on Costs During Water Tank Installation

The importance of having a water tank on your property cannot be overemphasized. It is the best path towards increasing your water independence and cutting down on regular water bills. Round water tanks no longer come in one single size that make them space consuming and cumbersome to move around. Indeed, newer water tanks can be placed in many different parts of your property, whether in an urban or rural setting.

Blazing The Trail: Should You Choose Steel Or Aluminium For Your Custom Boat Trailer?

Transporting your yacht, motorboat or RIB by road is pretty much impossible without a good trailer to tow it on, and with boats coming in so many different shapes and sizes, having a custom trailer fabricated to your craft's specific needs can be an excellent investment. However, if you are having a custom boat trailer fabricated to order, you will need to decide what it will be made from, and this can be more challenging than you might imagine.

Craving an Industrial Look? Then, Try These Sheet Metal Project and Design Ideas

If you're looking for a fun and creative way to add an industrial vibe to your home, office, or commercial building, you may want to find ways to integrate sheet metal into your decor. Many of these ideas you can do on your own with some sheet metal from an industrial shop that sells metal, but in some cases, you may need to commission an artist or a specialist to do the work for you.

3 Corrosion Risks in Food-Grade Stainless Steel

Great attention needs to be directed towards preventing corrosion in stainless steel which is used in the food processing industry. In some facilities, the conditions favour certain forms of corrosion. This article discusses risk factors you should address when you are selecting stainless steel products. Crevice and Pitting Corrosion Pitting corrosion occurs when deep pits form on small areas of plain surfaces. Crevice corrosion takes place when fluids stagnate in narrow crevices or sharp corners in stainless steel objects.

How engineers keep your world turning

Whether you're developing property or driving to work, you just couldn't get by without the work of the unsung heroes of the modern world: engineers. Most people go about their lives blissfully unaware of the engineering work that makes modern existence possible, yet engineers are some of the most creative and clever people on the planet, designing savvy solutions to a diverse range of technical problems. While the applications of engineering are virtually limitless, there are four basic kinds of engineers:

Industrial Belt Drives: Understanding Misalignment in Pulleys

The failure of industrial belt drives is primarily caused by poor maintenance practice. In general, the negligence of the system will result in numerous operational issues. One of the common problems that you might notice is the misalignment of the pulleys. This anomaly can compromise the performance of your machinery, and the downtime can cause extensive losses. Ideally, you can prevent the misalignment by performing the maintenance tasks recommended by the manufacturer.

How Mobile Soil Testing Labs Have Changed the Game for Today's Farmers

With the advent of mobile soil testing labs, things have changed for the better. Farmers no longer have to make trips to the soil testing labs because the soil tests they need can now be carried out right at their doorstep. A mobile soil testing lab is essentially a vehicle, typically a truck, equipped with all the equipment required to perform various tests on soil samples. The points elaborated below will provide further information on the way the introduction of these mobile labs has benefited farmers across Australia and several other parts of the world.

3 Steps to Keep Your Wire Fencing in Great Condition Throughout the Year

Whether you have wire fencing around your large residential or commercial property for security reasons, insurance reasons or to stop your pets or livestock from getting out of the property and into trouble, wire fencing is a cost-effective solution to keeping your property safe and secure. However, by its very nature, wire fencing is exposed to the tough Australian climate, meaning that, even with the very highest standards of protective coats and glosses, your fencing can start to look a little run down as the years go by.