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Benefits of Using Wooden Pallets for Long-Term Emergency Preps

If you have an emergency preparedness plan that involves long-term food storage and supplies, then you likely have a storage shed or trailer for your items. If you are adding an increasing amount of supplies to your stockpile, then you may be looking for ways to store the items easily. One of the options is to use wooden pallets. If you haven't considered wooden pallets for your long-term storage and stacked emergency prep storage, here are some benefits to consider.

Mobility Options

One of the reasons that many people use wooden pallets is because they can be moved easily. There will be times where you want to move your long-term storage and rearrange your stockpile. If you have items on shelves, you will need to remove the items one by one and move them to different locations. This can take an extended amount of time and labour. However, if you have wooden pallets, you can use a forklift to move the items easily and as a whole unit. This takes less time and allows you to move the items directly to another location. You can also place wooden pallets on rolling pallets to help with mobility as well.

Inventory Checks

You will need to take inventory of your items on a routine basis. This is to make sure you are keeping up with your emergency prep plan and that your items are not damaged. When you use stackable shelving units, you aren't able to see the items as easily. You also would have to move several items to check for amounts and damages. When you have items stored on wooden pallets, you can move them and check the amount easily. You can look for damages and make replacement where necessary.

Reduced Damage

If you store the preps, food, and supplies on the ground of your storage shed or unit then you are risking various types of damage. There can be damage from weather, water damage, mould, mildew and pests. These types of damage can ruin your entire prep inventory and cost large amounts of replacement fees. If you have wooden pallets, you can reduce the damage greatly by keeping the items off the ground and away from damp air and pests.

These are just a few of the benefits to using wooden pallets for long term emergency preps. If wooden pallets sound like an ideal option for your storage, contact your local industrial pallets manufacturer. They can help you with orders, delivery, prices and with questions about the types of pallet that would work best for your needs.