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Craving an Industrial Look? Then, Try These Sheet Metal Project and Design Ideas

If you're looking for a fun and creative way to add an industrial vibe to your home, office, or commercial building, you may want to find ways to integrate sheet metal into your decor. Many of these ideas you can do on your own with some sheet metal from an industrial shop that sells metal, but in some cases, you may need to commission an artist or a specialist to do the work for you. Check out these ideas.

Fruit Bowls

A simple piece of sheet metal folded in elegant ways can work like a fruit bowl. This doesn't necessarily need the shape of a bowl, as you aren't holding liquids in it. Rather, it can have openings and gaps. Regardless of the final design you choose, this is a great way to mix the industrial look of sheet metal with the classic natural look of fruit.

Fire Pits

Similar to a fruit bowl, you can also build a fire pit. Of course, to prevent sparks or embers from getting on the ground, this design needs to have a solid base and sides with no opening. If you commission the work, you may even want to have the sheet metal worker build you a grate that you can pop on top of the fire pit as needed.


Tired of splatters behind your stove or around the walls in your workplace break room? Then, combine style and function with a splashback made of sheet metal. You simply measure the space, and if desired, you can ask the sheet metal manufacturers to add colours or finishes to the final project. Then, drill a few holes in the sides and hang up your new splashbacks.

Simple But Stunning Art

In lieu of a splashback, consider turning some sheet metal into modern art. You can find a cool piece of metal and hang it over your couch. Alternatively, you can "decorate" the metal with a hammer or some metal dies in unique shapes. You may even want to frame the sheet metal to create a compelling piece of modernist framed art.

Ceiling Tiles

There's no reason to just put sheet metal on the walls. Instead, why not put it on the ceilings? You can buy ceiling tiles made of sheet metal, or you can make your own. Either way, this creates an interesting look that is a lot more fun than the usual ceiling.

Those are just a few of the ideas you may want to consider. To get more ideas or to buy sheet metal for your project, contact a company that specializes in sheet metal.