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Practical Guidelines on Reducing Your Structural Steel Fabrication Expenses

When building most structures in your property, you will need to acquire steel components. These structural elements include beams and columns as well as accessories such as base plates and clip angles. Steel is a popular material for structural building applications because it is durable and resilient. Also, this metal is relatively inexpensive for most construction installations. On the other hand, the total cost of structural steel and its fabrication can be high, especially for large-scale applications. Therefore, consider these simple guidelines on reducing your expenses.

Choose Weathering Steel over Galvanised

Steel is not a rare metal, but the price of purchase is still high. Therefore, you should choose the right type of steel to ensure low expenses without compromising performance. In most cases, individuals and companies select galvanised steel for their structural applications. The metal performs well and the galvanisation process prevents rusting. However, you should consider substituting this option with weathering steel. Weathering steel is an alloy which is able to form a stable rust-like coating when exposed to moisture and air. Therefore, you will not need to pay for galvanisation.

Avoid Expedited Lead Times

If you request for expedited lead times from your fabricator, the total cost of your project will increase significantly. This can put undue stress on your budget. However, this issue does not mean that there are no ways to improve the lead times. You should choose a fabricator who can comfortably handle the bulk of your work with considerable speed while maintaining quality. After choosing the manufacturer, provide all the details necessary for the immediate commencement of the project.

Poor information is one of the most common causes of delays. You should provide shop-ready project drawings, the technical specifications, plans and profiles and the general arrangement of your engineering drawings. Decide on your structural steel products delivery date and get confirmation from the fabricator. Avoid sudden changes because it will necessitate schedule changes and extra work from the manufacturing company, which can be costly.

Reduce the Detailing

When creating your structural steel designs, you should ensure that your experts keep special details to a minimum. While adding brackets, special equipment and vangs on the member might seem trendy, it will increase your project expenses. These details require more work and extend your fabrication time, which translates into higher labour expenses. Also, unnecessary details increase the weight of the structural steel components. As a result, the cost of purchasing steel will be higher and transporters might charge more.