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Prolonging the Service Life of Your Industrial PVC Strip Curtains

Industrial strip curtains are valuable in most commercial spaces, including warehouses, wholesale and retail, factories and general manufacturing and processing premises. These strip curtains provide a practical barrier between different zones. Their presence prevents the flow of contaminants across two spaces and helps in maintaining temperature, especially when installed in chiller and freezer entryways. In general, these products are durable after purchase and installation. However, the exact performance will depend on the selected product and your maintenance practices. Here are some guidelines on prolonging the lifespan of your industrial strip curtains.

Choose the Correct Strips for the Ambient Temperature

Strip curtains are normally fabricated using plastic or PVC material. This fabric is favourable because it is flexible, which ensures that workers can walk with ease across the barrier. Also, polyvinyl chloride is relatively inexpensive material for large-scale industrial use. However, it is important to remember that there are different grades of PVC which contrast in performance within diverse temperature ranges. If you choose the wrong curtain for the ambient temperature in your premises, you will notice accelerated degradation. For example, if you install standard PVC in low temperature areas, the material will be stressed and experience premature cracking. Therefore, check the temperature rating and select the best match for your applications.

Install Curtains with Special Performance Features

If your industrial or commercial space experiences high traffic, the PVC strip curtains are likely to experience accelerated wear. This degradation will be particularly fast if machines such as forklifts pass through your plastic barrier. Therefore, you should consider installing products with special features designed to prolong longevity. For example, think about installing ribbed PVC curtains. These are longer lasting because the protruding ribs will absorb the impact of traffic, reducing wear on the main fabric. You should also choose anti-static curtains because they part with ease for people and machines.

Clean the Strips Regularly and With Care

PVC strip curtains are low-maintenance products. However, if they are neglected, they will accumulate grime and dirt. This degradation might necessitate premature replacement. Therefore, you should plan for regular cleaning of the strip curtains. Wipe the surfaces of the PVC with some warm water and a sponge. This process will facilitate the removal of most forms of dirt. If your curtains have scratches due to misuse, you should remove them from the hangings and soak them in some water. This action will remove the granules of dirt stuck in the scratches and most stubborn stains.