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You Don't Like Distorted Fish and Four Other Reasons You Should Choose Perspex for Your Fish Aquarium

If you're thinking about getting a custom made aquarium for your fish, you have a choice between glass and acrylic such as Perspex. Both offer advantages, but here are some key signs that you may want to opt for Perspex. Note that this is just one proper name for acrylic—there is also Plexiglas, Acrylite and Lucite among others.

1. You Want Something Shatter Resistant

As cast acrylic, Perspex is much more shatter resistant than glass. If you have children or if you are putting the aquarium in a public space where anyone could accidentally bump into it or vandalise it, you may want to opt for Perspex. It can break under a very serious attack, but in most cases, it's very resistant to breakage.

2. You Don't Mind a Few Scratches

Although Perspex is less likely to shatter than glass, it's more likely to scratch. It's important to evaluate that risk before opting for Perspex. However, in some cases, your fish tank designer may be able to put a scratch-resistant film on the outside of the aquarium.

3. You Want Curves Without Distortion

When you work with a specialist at designing custom aquariums, you can opt for all kinds of fun curves and shapes. However, with a glass aquarium, those curves can create distortions. Your fish, plants and decorations may look as if you are viewing them through a fun house mirror.

However, with Perspex, you can get the curves without the distortion. If you want your fish and the other components in your tank to be clearly visible, that's important to keep in mind.

4. You Want to Use a Lightweight Material

In most cases, acrylic is lighter weight than glass. If you plan to move the aquarium frequently, that's important to consider. It may also be important in terms of how much support the tank needs. For example, if it's going to be suspended from the ceiling or in another unusual spot, that may also be something to consider.

However, it's important to note that most of the weight in a filled aquarium comes from the water. When comparing the total weights of a glass or Perspex design, you may want to take that into account.

5. You Want to Be Able to Drill Holes in It

When you opt for Perspex, you can drill holes in it. That can be necessary if you need to add an overflow system. With glass, you typically can't add holes without breaking it.