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How to Avert Product Damage During Shipment

Some inexperienced people may have their valuables, such as blueprints, damaged while they are transporting them from one place to another. Such people would have avoided such damage if they had used mailing tubes for shipping those items. This article discusses some of the ways through which mailing tubes can prevent product damage.

Custom Lengths

Many valuables are often damaged during transportation because they are placed in containers that leave room for the item to move around during its journey. That uncontrolled movement can cause your items to be damaged or torn during transit. You can avoid such a problem by buying a mailing tube that is of the exact length as the products. Such a mailing tube will keep those products stable in one position until they reach their destination.

Sturdy Construction

The pressure from the other objects that are being transported alongside your valuables can also cause your products to be damaged. For example, a heavier object may press down on your package and cause its contents to break. Mailing tubes address this problem. The tubes can be made from heavy-duty materials, such as Kraft paper or PVC, which cannot be easily compressed during shipment. In this way, your products will reach their destination without being damaged by the weight of the other items that they were transported alongside.

Tight Closing

Damage to products can also result when the packaging opens during transportation. Such accidental opening may allow contaminants, such as fluids, to enter and damage the products. Mailing tubes have different ways of securing their ends to avert this problem. For example, some mailing tubes have plastic end caps that cannot easily open during shipment. Such securement mechanisms prevent any damage that would have occurred due to the accidental opening of the package.


Another feature that enables mailing tubes to protect valuables is the different diameters of the tubes that are available. One can simply pick the tube that is just wide enough to contain the product that should be shipped. These tubes are so compact that it is very easy to handle them during the different stages of the shipping process. It is therefore harder to drop them accidentally as compared to what can happen when products are in crates. Mailing tubes can be customised to provide maximum protection to your products during shipping. Talk to different suppliers so that you can benefit from their suggestions about what would be best suited to your needs.