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The Benefits of Incorporating Powder Coating in Metal Fabrication

Metallic surfaces can be quite bland when left unfinished, which is why painting is a popular solution to enhancing their appearance. However, paint is not long lasting and will eventually need retouching. An alternative that has steadily started to gain popularity is powder coating. If you engage if metal fabrication, whether commercially or for personal use, here are some of the benefits of incorporating powder coating to your projects.

Powder coating offers you high efficiency

A drawback of painting your metal products is that there is an increased risk of wastage. Firstly, when you create unique hues by using different types of paint, any remainders will have to go to waste as they cannot be reused to touch up other items> Secondly, the painting process is characterised by a lot of splattering and splashing, which also contributes to excessive wastage of product. When you opt for powder coating for your metal fabrication needs, you can be guaranteed minimal wastage. The electromagnetic charge that adheres the pigment to the metal surface will ensure that you make the most of the powder available to you. Moreover, any particles that spill to the floor can be collected and stored safely for future use.

Powder coating is pocket-friendly

Since powder coating is a relatively new technology in the processing and manufacturing industries, an assumption that is made by the public is that it is an expensive alternative to painting. The initial cost of the powder coating may seem high, but it makes up for this in an assortment of ways that end up making it the pocket-friendly option in the long term. Firstly, since the coating process does not require prolonged drying times as paint does, you will find that your metal fabrication processes become quick and streamlined. Secondly, the powder coating provides additional protection to the surfaces it is applied on, which translates into long-lasting metal items.

Powder coating is versatile and durable

Metal fabrication comprises numerous types of materials. Thus, undoubtedly you would want a coating that is compatible with all these different kinds of metal. Powder coating is suitable for any surface whether you are looking to add a finish to steel or bronze. Additionally, the powder coating will not have the proclivity to chip, crack or peel as the electromagnetic charge ensures the pigment adheres to the surface of the metals like a second skin. Lastly, you have a vast array of textures, colours and even matte or glossy finishes to make your selection from, which makes this a highly versatile coating.