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Elements to Consider When Commissioning a Stainless Steel Sink for Your Kitchen

If you're hiring a stainless steel manufacturing company to create a kitchen sink for you, there are all kinds of decisions you need to make along the way. A quality stainless steel manufacturer should be able to guide you through the main questions, but to help you prepare, here's a look at the main qualities you need to consider.

Shape of the Sink

Do you want a large sink with just one bowl? Do you prefer a double sink? If you decide upon   a double sink, you need to make practical and aesthetic decisions related to whether you want each bowl to be the same size or not. Some people prefer the rinsing sink to be smaller than the washing sink. You may also want to integrate a drying space for dishes on the side of the bowls.


Then, you need to determine how you want your stainless steel sink to be mounted. An undermount is when the sink gets attached below the countertop. This creates a smooth looking finish for your kitchen.

With drop in mount, the stainless steel sink has a lip or small edge around its perimeter. You cut a hole in the kitchen cabinet, and then, you drop in the sink. This helps to prevent water from getting around the side of the sink.

Thickness of the Metal

When you are commissioning a stainless steel sink, you need to talk with the manufacturer about the gauge of the metal. A thick gauge tends to be sturdier, and when you are washing dishes, it is a bit quieter because it absorbs the sound of clinking cutlery and banging pots.

However, if the steel is too thick, it may be too heavy for the countertop or mounting hardware to support it. Talk with your manufacturer about your objectives, and they can help you decide on the right gauge of metal for your sink.


When a manufacturer turns stainless steel into a sink, they usually don't just use steel. They may add other metals to turn the final product into an alloy. For the best results, you may want to have the manufacturer add in chromium and nickel.


You may want to add a coating to your stainless steel sink. The coating can add a decorative or possibly even a colourful coating to your sink. If you cook a lot, you may want to stay away from glossy finishes. They are more prone to scratching.