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3 Ways Custom Boxes Help With Your Food and Wine Storage

Creating a food and wine storage plan is something many households do to ensure that food is the least of the concerns in an emergency. The issue with this is storing a lot of food in small spaces and finding boxes to hold certain items that need to stay in dark cool places. This is where custom boxes can help with your food and wine storage needs. Here are three ways using custom box manufacturers can help your food and wine storage plan.

Traditional Wine Bottles

When you start a food storage plan that includes homemade wine, you may notice the bottles are more traditional than commercial bottles. For example, home bottling wine bottles are generally smaller and more slender. This means if you are using a pre-purchased wine box from a storage or moving company, there may be room left around the bottle. This can cause the bottle to move and not be as cushioned as it would in a custom box. Custom boxes can be designed to fit your bottles and give a snug safe fit while in storage or transport.

Jelly Jars

An item that is used frequently in food storage is jelly jars. In addition to using the jars for homemade jelly and jams, you can also use them for spices. If you are creating food storage that is based on a per meal basis, then the smaller jars are ideal for side items or for dry mixes that create part of the meal. The issue is that most boxes do not accommodate jelly jars and smaller jars of this kind easily. A custom box can be designed to fit your jars easily so they can be stacked and stored easily.

Climate-Based Storage

You may be considering the option of storing your food in an environment where climate could break down a cardboard box option easily. For example, you may have a root cellar that will keep your food safe and in a cool dark place. However, for long-term storage, this could damage the box your jars and items are in causing them to fall and possibly break. This would result in loss of food and a decreased food storage amount. Instead, you can have custom made boxes that are created from a material and packaging suitable for this type of storage condition.

These are only three of the benefits you can gain from having custom boxes created for your food storage and wine storage. If you have other items in your emergency food storage plans, such as larger cans and odd shaped bottles, you can also have boxes made for those items as well. If you are ready to place orders, contact a custom box manufacturer for design options and prices.