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Before Your DIY Wooden Pallet Project, Here's What You Should Know!

Pallet furniture is now one of the most popular DIY projects in Australia. With just a few wooden pallets, you can create fantastic furniture such as coffee tables, a headboard for your bed, storage shelving, outdoor furniture, and much more. However, working with wooden pallets means that you need to take a few extra precautions to ensure that you're working with quality wood. Here's what you should consider before you begin your next DIY pallet project. 

The Wooden Pallet Source: Why It's So Important

Whilst you can find wooden pallets in many different places -- sometimes for free -- that doesn't mean that all wooden pallets are appropriate for use in your DIY project. For example, even if your local supermarket has free pallets on offer, those pallets may have food stains on them. The colour can be easy to remove by painting or sanding -- but any food odours can really set into the wood and may become permanent. The last thing you want is the odour of over-ripe fruits or veggies constantly permeating your home!

You might also find free pallets at other places, for example local manufacturing plants. Often, those pallets were used to hold heavy loads, sometimes outdoors, for months at a time. Any wooden pallets that have been outdoors for long periods could be weak or even partially rotted -- again, not appropriate for home furnishings. 

The best option for wooden pallets is to use one of wooden suppliers in your area or over the Internet. This ensures that you're getting new pallets that are high quality and strong enough to be used as furniture. 

How Many Pallets to Buy

No matter which wooden pallet project you're working on, you probably have a set number of pallets in your mind. The best guideline to follow is to forget about that set number -- buy one or two extras. You'll be tearing apart the pallets, at least partially, whilst working on your project -- and this means that you might lose several boards to breakage or splintering. It's always best to have extras on hand!

How to Clean Your Pallets

Whilst your pallets will arrive clean and new if you purchase from a local wooden suppliers, procuring your pallets elsewhere means that you may have some cleaning work ahead of you. For any wooden pallets that have been used or that are reclaimed, give them a good washing up. Scrub well with either soapy water or a bleach solution --and wear gloves whilst you're at it. Allow a couple of days for the pallets to completely dry before you begin your project.

Ready to take on your big pallet project? With the guidelines above, you'll soon have a lovely new piece of furniture for your home! For more information, contact companies like 1/2 Price Pallets.