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Protect Your Shipments: 3 Important Reasons To Use Mailing Tubes

If your business does a lot of shipping and you're not using mailing tubes, now's the time to make some changes. Mailing tubes are a great way to streamline your shipping department. Many business owners don't realise the benefits they'll enjoy when they use mailing tubes. If you're one of those business owners, here's some information for you to read. You'll find three important reasons to use mailing tubes in your shipping department. 

Protect Important Documents

If you're still mailing important documents using ordinary postal envelopes, you could be putting those documents at risk for damage. Ordinary envelopes, even those provided by the postal department, can get damaged while in transit. That's because the envelopes aren't sturdy enough to provide adequate protection. This is where mailing tubes come into the picture. Mailing tubes are constructed out of sturdy cardboard, which makes them strong enough to protect even the most important documents. They can even be used for mailing posters, photographs and artwork. 

Increase Brand Recognition

If you're like most business owners, you're always looking for an effective way to advertise and promote your company. One way to do that is through the mail you ship each week. If your business sends out multiple shipments a week but you're not using mailing tubes, you're missing the opportunity to promote your brand. You might not know this, but you can have your mailing tubes custom-designed with your logos. That means each time you ship a mailing tube, you'll be promoting your business. 

Reduce Packaging Costs

If you're not utilising mailing tubes for your shipping needs, you could be spending more on packaging costs than you should. Ordinary shipping boxes don't always provide the protection you need for your shipments. Not only that, but you may often need to use boxes that are too big for the item you're shipping. Those problems can affect shipping costs in a couple of ways. First, large boxes are more costly to ship. Second, you'll need to use more packaging material to protect the items you're shipping. Luckily, you can avoid those issues when you use mailing tubes. That's because your items will fit snugly inside the tube, without the use of packing materials. 

If you process a lot of packages through your business, don't take chances with your shipments. Use mailing tubes instead. Mailing tubes allow you to streamline your shipping process while protecting your important documents from damage while in transit. Contact a company that supplies mailing tubes for more information.