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Top Things You'll Want to Know About Using Timber Beams

If you are looking for structural beams that you can use for your building project, then you might be thinking about buying timber beams. If you're relatively new to working with timber beams, then these are some of the top things that you are going to want to know through the process.

They Can Be Very Heavy

The first thing that you should be prepared for when working with timber beams is the fact that they can be very heavy. After all, they are designed to help provide structure and support, so they have to be durable and strong enough for the job. Because of this, you might need to make arrangements to have the timber beams brought to your building site for you, since you might not really be able to load and haul them yourself. Additionally, depending on just how big and heavy they are, you might need to make arrangements to rent or borrow a crane to help put them in place while working on your building project. If you're using smaller timber beams — such as if you're working on a smaller project — then this might not be necessary. Still, though, they might be heavier than you think, so you may need to ask someone to help you out with them.

Rotting Could Be an Issue

Of course, wood rot can be an issue with timber beams. The best way to deal with this problem is to purchase timber beams that have been properly treated in the first place to help prevent this. Additionally, before installing timber beams, you should check them over carefully to make sure there are no rotten or soft spots if you have stored them in damp conditions.

They Need to Be Properly Placed

If you haven't yet worked with an architect or other professional on your planning project, then you should definitely consider doing so before you start buying and installing timber beams. They can help you determine how many timber beams you need, how big those timber beams need to be and where they should be placed. They can help you with spacing for these beams. Then, you can make sure that you are using enough beams so that your structure will be safe and durable — and so it will pass any inspections that might be taking place — but you can avoid buying and installing more beams than what is needed, which would be a waste of time and money.